EFE, VIVA launch World Cup platform
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 11 May 2014
Bolivian news agency EFE and mobile operator VIVA are to launch a platform specially for the World Cup, with news and multimedia video content.

VIVA is developing a mobile app for smartphones, which will be launched before the end of the month. It will contain EFE's content, including news, reports, animated infographics, statistics and, of course, videos.

In addition to the mobile audience, which Latin American networks and telcos are concentrating on this year, EFE and VIVA will launch their product via a website. Lastly, an SMS alert service will be available for VIVA's 2.5 million customers in Bolivia.

The SMS alerts will be sent live, as soon as EFE sends the information from Brazil. “It will be like carrying the World Cup in your pocket,” said EFE's representative in Bolivia, Lorena Cantó.

“It's a pioneering deal in Latin America and it opens a very interesting way for our company of providing value added products.” inShare0