Amin, Mods and Members.

Iíve just set-up my NEW AZ-Box TITAN (Dual-Tuners)
But for any reason NOT getting HD-channels and ALL SD-channels are SCRAMBLED.
Iím using this file: Azbox_TITAN_TWIN_SA_Verx-3612_2K140402_sz.ssu. is this CORRECT????

Also Iím scanning ONLY 186 channels (scrambled, some are NOT scrambled so OPEN.
Iíve heard that there is a code that opens the SECRET-setting (SDS) where you have to adjust some settings.
On GOOGLE you can see, they opens the menu and then there is a picture with:
1) SDSÖ.. 2).Twin,Ö..3).IKS, and 4). SSSP. Which one has be OFF or ON????

Sorry to say all Iíve seen in Google is in Portuguese-language, which I DONíT understands,
If so what need to been done to open, to get to the secret setting to make adjustments.

My settings are: Amazones 61-W on tuner and Hispansat-1C and 1D on Tuner 2.

Please if someone might need more informationís, please donít hesitate let me know.

Thank You, so much in advance.