Divitel is launching OTT platform for TKS in Germany

May 12, 2014 08.25 Europe/London By Robert Briel

easytv_off-base_baseballDivitel will launch a new OTT, multiscreen platform for TKS in Germany bringing English-language TV channels to the military and civillians.

The state-of-the-art solution is network independent and able to provide television to subscribers from TKS across Germany. The new service will be called easy TV and will serve US military off-base with a OTT service.

TKS (Telepost Kabel Service) has been providing cable television, telecommunication products and services to American military stationed in Germany for 20 year interfacing between European PAL and American NTSC broadcast standards. The operator started creating a roadmap with and roll out new television services for customers off base.

“Providing television for people off base means that you have to deal with a lot of different networks. Thus the solution should be network independent; that is where DivisioTV came in,” said Divitel in a press statement.

“Divisio TV is a solution for interactive television; it can be used for FttH, Coax, DSL, Hybrid, 3G/4G, OTT or any combination of afore-mentioned. It’s a fully modular platform that e.G. enables a multiscreen solution, which means customers can watch tv on either their television, PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets. This expands TKS’s customer range dramatically and opens new distribution channels; the company can offer linear tv with EPG in a personalised look and feel with fully secured content.”

TKS is a daughter of Vodafone Company Kabel Deutschland. TKS is located on all major US military installations throughout Germany, and also actively serves the British Forces Germany and expat communities.

Divitel will be showing its OTT Multiscreen solution at ANGACOM 2014 in Cologne.