Entel tells Bolivians to use pirate receivers
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 12 May 2014
Bolivia's national telco Entel has realised that the illegal dishes widely used throughout the country are proving useful to expand the reception of the new free-to-air (FTA) satellite networks broadcast through Túpac Katari.

"The satellite dishes just need to be oriented to the satellite's geostationary position and the 12 FTA channels could be watched perfectly," said Entel's general manager Oscar Coca.

The illegal dishes, known as chutas in Bolivia, are purchased together with a set-top box (STB) for a much lower price than the legal ones, and are sold without invoices in order to avoid taxes. The country has been focusing on fighting piracy recently because of the high cost to the TV industry, which is why Coca's statement has come as a surprise.

Entel has purchased 50% of Túpac Katari's broadcasting capacity, through which it is also launching a DTH pay-TV service. Entel was the first company to start using the satellite after it started working commercially in April.