Euskaltel taps Hispasat to extend broadband in Spain
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 12 May 2014
Euskaltel has signed an agreement with Hispasat which will enable the Basque operator to increase its broadband speed and reach areas its cable network currently doesn't cover.

The deal will last for three years and will allow speeds up to 25Mbps through Hispasat's satellites positioned at 30º West. Euskaltel is specifically targeting rural and remote areas of the Basque Country.

Hispasat has deployed similar services in both Spain and Latin America, developing different IP solutions through its satellite network. In addition, the Spanish company is participating in the Ministry of Industry's public project to improve Internet access in Spain's most remote areas.

"This agreement shows once again that satellite technology is very useful when it comes to guaranteeing universal access to the Internet and reducing the digital divide," said Ignacio Sanchis, Hispasat's director of business. "The satellites are the perfect allies to bring the information society to every corner of the world."

Aitor Markaida, Euskaltel's director, added that "the agreement will allow the company to commit ourselves to our market, so every home and company in the Basque Country have access to the information society."