Ibope, Twitter to launch social TV tool in Latin America
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 12 May 2014
A new social TV tool, Ibope Twitter TV Ratings (ITTR), the result of an alliance between the social network and the audience measurement company, aims to measure audience participation in social TV activities related to networks and advertisers.

The service will initially be available in Brazil by the end of the year, and then in Argentina and Colombia during 2015.

Ibope's solution aims to meet the demands of the Latin American market, in which 54% of Internet users watch TV and use social networks at the same time, with 38% commenting about what they are watching.

"The ITTR is the natural response to the increasing participation of the TV audiences on social networks," said Orlando Lopes, Ibope Media's CEO. "We aim to establish a reference point in this area."

Twitter's research says that nearly 95% of public conversations about TV happen on the microblogging platform. "As the TV experience keeps changing, broadcasters and advertisers have claimed it as a reference in order to measure audience engagement with their programming in Latin America," said Guilherme Ribemboim, Twitter's CEO in Brazil.

ITTR aims to be a package of solutions to study the interaction between audience, TV and social networks, delivering concrete figures to allow networks and broadcasters to design better programming. "We are contributing to the TV industry's development in LATAM by putting into digits the new habits of the audience," added Orlando Lopes.