Malawai's national broadcaster faces financial crisis
Rebecca Hawkes
| 12 May 2014
The bank accounts of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation have been frozen amid ongoing financial problems, according to the Nyasa Times.

The state broadcaster has not received any of the MWK500 million (US$38,000) earmarked for its election coverage from the government, the newspaper claims.

It has failed to service debts to commercial banks amounting to millions, and its current operations are reportedly being financed entirely by advertising revenue on a 'hand to mouth basis'.

"It is through money generated from adverts that we able to fund some of the operations, especially covering head of state rallies, which are draining us a lot. We have been struggling to pay our employees because of the same issue of lack of funds," an official told the Nyasa Times.

With no funds being forthcoming, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation has alerted the Malawi Electoral Commission of its financial crisis.

The lack of funding has, it is claimed, left the broadcaster unable to meet its public service mandate to provide balanced coverage to all political parties during their campaigns ahead of the Tripartite Elections on 20 May 2014.