Rightster guarantees online video owners scale, engagement
| 12 May 2014
Multichannel video distribution firm Rightster has launched a new service designed to offer rights owners and brands with the ability to target audiences online at a scale normally only possible with TV broadcasts.

The company believes that even though a lot of brands are creating video content many are finding that when they release it out into the world finding an audience at scale is the exception rather than the norm. Yet with its new Engage online video audience amplification service, Rightster is confident that content owners and brands can reach TV-sized audiences online meeting clients' ultimate goal of guaranteed views and optimal ROI.

Rightster adds that with data analysis it is essentially creating a formula for 'virality' for brands and content owners, that doesn't just secure empty 'stream-starts' that boost the total views number, but highly engaged audiences, longer view times and increased subscribers. Furthermore it asserts that unlike other paid-for products, Engage offers video management across customers' owned and operated sites, as well as their YouTube channels, and editorially "earned" distribution.

Charlie Muirhead, Rightster Founder & CEO commented: "We are delighted to launch Engage and provide clients with the peace of mind and reassurance that their content will deliver the right audience to the right demographics, at a fixed cost. We are looking forward to providing our clients with a strong competitive advantage globally, across all offices."