Samsung: 50% of Thailand's LED market will be UHD by 2019
Rebecca Hawkes
| 13 May 2014
Ultra high definition (UHD) television sets are expected to account for half of the total LED TV market in Thailand within five years, up from the 3% predicted in 2014, according to Samsung.

Arnut Changtrakul, corporate vice president for sales and marketing at Thai Samsung Electronics, said that overall, the TV market in Thailand was likely to rise between 10-15% this year, driven by three factors the arrival of digital TVs, the FIFA World Cup, and consumer demand for innovative technologies.

"The current political and economic difficulties have a significant impact on consumer confidence. However, their demands for technology products, such as TV sets and other electrical goods, have not disappeared. Such never-ending demand will revive when good political and economic atmosphere return," Arnut told The Nation.

The new UHD TV was introduced last year with four times higher screen resolution than full HDTVs, with an average resolution of about two million pixels.

"Beside new product developments, the transition in television broadcasting system from analogue to digital, and many upcoming international sporting events this year, can also drive the television market in Thailand," said Arnut.