Telecom Italia rebrands Cubovision as TIMVision

May 13, 2014 09.25 Europe/London By Robert Briel

timvisionTelecom Italy has rebranded its on-demand service as CuboVision TIMvision offering over 5,000 titles with sports, movies and TV series.

The Italian incumbent Telecom Italia hopes that the new TIMvision will better compete with Sky Online and Mediaset Infinity. The new app is available for smartphones and tablets, later apps will be launched for Smart TVs, PCs and dedicated decoders.

“TIMvision also becomes an integral part of the new 4G offer from TIM: from now on with all the internet offers on 4G LTE you customers can access streaming entertainment and sports at no additional cost,” the operator said in a press release.

TIMVision TV, which gives full access to movies, costs €2.69 per week. TIMVision TV + Serie A (Italian football) TIM costs €4.98 per week.

“In the coming weeks we will grow the sports offer from TIMvision viewable on tablets and smartphones, through our super-fast 3G and 4G TIM networks, thanks to an agreement we signed with Sky , which has already made ??available the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the Championship Formula 1 World Championship,” according to the statement. This summer, TIMVision will also screen Fifa World Cup under the same deal with Sky.