Zattoo selects ABOX42 smart STB platform

May 13, 2014 10.26 Europe/London By Robert Briel

VideoWeb TV with Zattoo HDSwiss TV solution and service provider Zattoo has elected the ABOX42 Smart STB platform for its new hosted and managed B2B first screen solution.

Zattoo has launched a white label, fully hosted multiscreen TV service for operators to deploy TV services in German-speaking markets. The new solution will be presented on ANGACOM on the Zattoo and ABOX42 booth.

The new Zattoo white label TV solution is tailor-made for city carriers, fiber optic operators and ISPs who want to offer TV package with multi screen capabilities in the German, Austrian and Swiss marketa.

To bring the next generation TV experience back to the main TV set in both SD and HD, Zattoo now selected the ABOX42 M-series Smart STB platform. The user interface is developed with using the ABOX42 Smart SDK in HTML5 giving the end customer a modern TV experience with advanced features. The ABOX42 Smart STBs will be available in three configurations: with support of local PVR and TimeShift, as Zapper only or with support of Zattoo´s Network PVR backend.

As a unique feature the ABOX42 solution will also support the German HbbTV applications and catch-up TV services Mediatheken from German and Swiss broadcasters.

Zattoo will deploy the TV service via Unicast IPTV streaming either in managed or unmanaged networks, with no need for the operator to setup and operate a Multicast IPTV network. Using direct network peerings and local caching technology at the operator´s network matches the quality of service of cable and satellite TV, according to the company.

“ABOX is a great partner for us. Zattoo offers a B2B white label solution with various features and a complete Lifecycle Management,” said Nick Brambring, CEO of Zattoo.

“We are looking for partners who can help us to make a complete offering to our clients with low cost and short set-up times across Europe. ABOX42 provides an innovative and stable Set Top Box as well as an advanced development environment.”

“We are happy that Zattoo has selected our market proven STB platform for their rollout in the German speaking market”, said Matthias Greve, CEO of ABOX42 GmbH.

“The Zattoo B2B offering is game changing in the market, since it allows for the first time a rapid and cost effective rollout of an advanced multiscreen TV service even for tier 2 and tier 3 operators.”