UPC maintains strong Hungarian position

May 14, 2014 07.55 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

HungaryUPC remained the leading provider of subscription TV services in Hungary, irrespective of technology used, in March, with a market share 26.2%, according to the latest data published by the regulator NMHH.

However, it was closely followed by Magyar Telekom (24.1%) and Digi (23%), while the pay-DTT service MinDig TV Extra claimed a market share of 3.6%.

UPC was also the market leader in the wired sector (26.4%), followed by Magyar Telekom (21.6%) and Digi (19.4%), while in the wireless sector Digi was in first place (31.1%), followed by Magyar Telekom (29.7%), UPC Direct (25.7%) and MinDig TV Extra (11.8%).

Interestingly, “other service provider” category, which Broadband TV News believes refers to the new DTH platform operated by the M70 Group, had a 1.8% share.

Meanwhile, the total number of cable and IPTV subscriptions in Hungary in March stood at 2,019,406, of which over half (1,039,974) were digital.

The number of wireless (DTH and HDig) subscriptions was 917,103, while the MinDig TV subscriber total stood at 123,057.