Paraguay wants its own DTH satellite
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 14 May 2014
Following the wave of recently launched national satellites, Paraguay's Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel) has stated that it is planning to launch its own satellite in four years.

The satellite will mostly cover the direct-to-home (DTH) and Internet requirements in the country.

Speaking to the national media, Osvaldo Ayala from Conatel, said the country has two possible geostationary positions in which to place the new satellite. But from both positions the satellite will only have national coverage, whereas Conatel is interested in covering Latin America at least so it could sell some frequencies to its neighbours.

Conatel is already negotiating to get a new position, although this could go on for years.

The public agency is considering a budget of between $300 and $400 million to build and launch the satellite, an amount which will be shared between public and private founds. Conatel is also studying to share the project with another Latin American country in order to share the costs