Octoshape teams with Harmonic, AirTies on OTT 4K streaming
Michelle Clancy
| 14 May 2014
Octoshape is partnering with Harmonic and AirTies Wireless Networks to demonstrate over-the-top (OTT) 4K streaming, delivered over the public Internet to consumer set-top boxes (STBs).

The total solution includes Harmonic's ProMedia suite of multiscreen production and preparation applications, integrated with Octoshape's Infinite HD-M suite of stream acceleration and multicast technologies, and the AirTies HEVC/Octoshape-enabled STB.

The platform includes adaptive bitrate, stream acceleration and a multicast suite of technologies, and targets telcos, operators and content providers to deliver UltraHD quality streams via best-efforts Internet. Quality of service is preserved over broadband utilising the Octoshape stream acceleration and multicast technologies. Content is encoded and prepared by the Harmonic ProMedia solution using HEVC at 4K resolution, and then the video is delivered to the television via the AirTies/Octoshape enabled set-top box.

"4K stream resolution over the public Internet represents a de-facto standard for the future of video streaming," said Bulent Celebi, executive chairman and co-founder of AirTies. "We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Octoshape and Harmonic, and this successful demonstration solidifies the industries' access to the highest quality solution available on the market today."