Viacom swaps Paramount for Comedy Central HD
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 14 May 2014
Paramount Comedy has left Spain's TV schedule after 15 years, but its content remains through Comedy Central HD after Viacom decided to change one channel for the other on Spanish pay-TV platforms.

From today (14 May) Comedy Central will be broadcast in HD and will premiere in-house production El Roast de Santiago Segura to reinforce the channel's spirit: national shows as well as international shows which have achieved audience success.

Comedy Central's arrival in Spain is part of Viacom's worldwide strategy to reinforce the network's brand. Acquired by Viacom in 2003, the channel has been launched in Latin America, India, Africa, Southeast Asia as well as the Netherlands, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro in Europe.

In Spain, it will join the Viacom catalogue - with Nickelodeon and MTV - on the most watched pay-TV platforms, namely Canal+, ONO, Movistar TV, Euskaltel, Telecable, R, Orange and Total Channel.

Viacom is concurrently launching Comedy Central's new website, focusing on online video consumption and social TV. provides information related to the channel and is available on smartphones and tablets.