ABC taps Freewheel to launch programmatic digital video test
| 14 May 2014
In what is being called a first-of-its-kind initiative, ABC has launched a programmatic video sales effort to help marketers apply data and automation in the premium video marketplace.

The trial will take place throughout the summer and ABC will be the first media company to offer premium video through the FreeWheel ad monetisation platform, using the latter's simultaneously launched FourFronts programmatic solution.

ABC's summer trial will include digital video ad inventory across ABC Entertainment and news programming. Sister cable network ABC Family will also be participating in the trial, making video inventory available across its digital portfolio of shows. Neither network will include linear TV inventory in the trial at this time.

FreeWheel will provide digital inventory management and ad-serving solutions to ABC. Its new FourFronts Programmatic tool will connect ad seller inventory systems with ad buyer demand-side platforms. The company also assures that it can create safeguards for publishers to ensure that automated transactions are handled transparently.

"We know how important it is to help our clients create value by making media more targeted and the transaction process more streamlined," commented Geri Wang, president of ABC Sales. "Our track record is to lead we did it with digital distribution and ABC Unified and we will lead in the areas of data and automation as well."

"We're very excited to have ABC as our first launch partner for this important industry initiative," added Jon Heller, co-founder and co-CEO of FreeWheel. "This is a very exciting time in our industry, and Freewheel is committed to help shape the programmatic landscape so that it works for both buyers and sellers."