New iPlayer comes out of Preview

May 14, 2014 11.14 Europe/London By Julian Clover

New iPlayer ComputerThe BBC has made its new version of the iPlayer the default experience on computers. The new version of the online service made its debut nine weeks ago.

In a blog post Dan Taylor, head of BBC iPlayer, BBC Future Media said the majority of users preferred the new iPlayer and only 5% of our nationally-representative sample disliking the new design. They said the new interface was clearer and more intuitive.
However, there was initial disappointment that the ability to sort Categories by the most recent had been removed. The BBC subsequently restored the feature by incorporating it into the new design.

Having already made a separate Factual category, the BBC is now studying how it might filter out some of the larger diverse categories, for example Drama & Soaps, to just show crime dramas within the category.

The new iPlayer for TV is schedule to come out of Beta in the text few weeks with updates for Android and iOS devices also on the horizon.