Netia chooses Witbe for CDN quality assurance
Michelle Clancy
| 15 May 2014
Polish telecom operator Netia has selected Witbe's CDN Video Quality Manager to monitor its TV delivery network.

Netia wanted to provide multiscreen access to popular Web TV content as well as linear HD channels with quality of experience (QoE).

"Witbe offered us all the technological features and guarantees of reliability and conformance we were looking for," said Miroslaw Suszek, CTO at Netia. "We are confident that thanks to Witbe's CDN Video Quality Manager, our subscribers will benefit from the service performance and availability that they are entitled to expect at all times."

Witbe's solution includes OTT Monitoring Robots, embedding its new OTT v2 plugin for adaptive bitrate streaming. They have the capacity to interact with CDN cache servers, just as any viewers would do using a mobile TV application. They can identify manifests, chunk errors, detect loops in live streams, measure download speed and highlight load balancing issues proactively, before customer complain.

In all, Witbe's CDN Video Quality Manager monitors 176 channels over its CDN infrastructure in order to detect unavailability, performance and conformance issues, and to enforce SLAs with their CDN providers