Argentina's cable TV industry fears 4G
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 15 May 2014
Following the Government's announcement of a 4G coverage expansion, Argentina's cable TV association ATVC says it can't see the benefit of the development, stating that only over-the-top (OTT) pay-TV platforms and telcos will realise profits on mobile networks.

In a release, ATCV says that the country is making an effort with LTE while 3G has not yet been fully exploited by the telcos. It is concerned that the Government's move at a difficult time in Argentina's financial situation will lead to foreign companies occupying space in the local market.

But what has really worried the cable association seems to be the position of the Secretary of Communications, Norberto Berner, who stated that Argentineans could now watch Netflix on their smartphones. "Berner is advertising a multinational company which is not paying taxes in Argentina," explained ATVC in the release. "Besides, video delivery on phones is not considered in the current media regulation".

The country's recently announced 4G bid will allow Argentina's telcos, some of which are also offering pay-TV through direct-to-home (DTH), to improve their data capacity and transmission speed.