Fishing and Hunting are one

May 15, 2014 10.31 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

There is now only one fishing and hunting themed channel in Central Europe under ‘The Fishing & Hunting Channel’ brand name.

Commenting on the development, Zoltán Cseke, general manager of DPO, the owner of the former F&H channel, said: “We are pleased to announce, that after successful negotiations, the two top ’fishing and hunting’ themed outdoor channels: PVTV HD and the Fishing and Hunting Channel are merged from May 15, 2014 keeping „The Fishing & Hunting Channel” brand name”.

Radu Morar, general manager of Tematic Cable Srl., the owner of the former PVTV HD channel, added: “We are happy, that with the merge we will have a new content repertoire, that will be even more diversified and more interesting than the former on”.

Ács József, the brand manager of ‘The Fishing & Hunting Channel’, said: „The ‘old’-new channel will continue to care for the viewers, who are in love with nature and of course with fishing and hunting. It will offer brand-new series and documentaries about the most beautiful regions of Europe, and the world, for traditional sportsmen, fishermen, hunters, nature lovers and the whole family.

“In the future we will continue to follow our successful recipe by coaching, advising and respecting the nature while also having fun in our shows.”
The Fishing and Hunting Channel is localised in six countries and covers over 15 million households in Central Europe.