Google Chromecast makes Asian premiere in Korea
Rebecca Hawkes
| 16 May 2014
Google has made its first Chromecast foray into Asia, launching its streaming device in South Korea in conjunction with local video streaming services Tving and Hoppin.

Chromecast, a dongle which streams content to smartphones, tablets, laptops and high definition (HD) televisions via an HDMI port, is now available through the Google Play Store and local online retailers for KRW49,000 (US$49).

"Koreans are some of the most savvy consumers of content over the Internet in the world and the smartphone is already a much larger part of their media consumption than elsewhere," wrote Mickey Kim, Google's head of Chromecast & TV partnerships, Asia-Pacific, in a blog.

"Over 80% of YouTube views in Korea come from mobile devices, compared to the 40% average for the world. All these mobile content lovers will now be able to bridge the gap between their smartphone and the biggest screen in the house."

Kim believes YouTube in particular will prove even more successful in South Korea following the launch of Chromecast in the country.

Google launched Chromecast in the US in summer 2013, and more recently in March introduced it to Canada and Europe. It has reportedly been working with Telstra to introduce the technology to Australia and is rumoured to be looking to launch the technology in Japan among another five countries in Asia.