Monterosa launches first app store for real-time engagement
| 16 May 2014
Connected TV and engagement solutions provider Montrose has launched a 'pioneering' B2B store to provide ready-made real-time apps to global media owners and brands.

Aimed at producers and marketers who want to activate fans of entertainment, sport or fashion, in real time, via mobile, TV, out-of-home and in-stadium media, and across Facebook and Twitter, the new LViS Store is designed to offer the benefit of ready-made apps so that media owners and marketing teams don't have to start from scratch.

The store will offer apps including play-along gaming, competitions, voting for talent shows, sports data and ratings, and social-media interaction. The apps are designed to see use around events to activate audiences and drive return on investment through data capture, registration, customer acquisition, premium-content sales and sponsorship activation. Apps can be also embedded as components in existing apps, within social networks or websites.

The store also complements the LViS Studio platform which is used by broadcasters such as Sky, Channel 4, London Live, TV2, Endemol, CBC and MediaCom for creating and deploying second-screen apps that enhance sport, entertainment and advertising.

"LViS Store is a ground-breaking step for global media companies, TV producers and agencies who want to engage their audiences directly in real-time," claimed Monterosa CEO Tom McDonnell. "Before, managing fan interaction at scale involved long time-scales and set-up costs. Now you can choose ready-made apps that provide fun, engaging social activations that deliver hard ROI. We think this is game-changing. Our customers can now roll out LViS Apps at a scale and pace we have not seen before."