VC Group brings Wi-Fi-enabled STB to Thai market
Rebecca Hawkes
| 16 May 2014
Thai technology company VC Group is launching a new Internet-enabled set-top box (STB) for the domestic market to provide on-demand video streaming to consumers.

Penta TV lets users connect to their Wi-Fi networks and watch TV on various platforms (both analogue and digital) for a cost of THB3,500 (US$107.6), according to the Bangkok Post.

The company is targeting the country's five million fixed broadband users. It reportedly hopes to realise revenues in excess of THB300 million ($9.2 million) over the coming three years, by controlling up to 60% of the all-in-one set-top box market by 2015.

The Penta TV box requires a minimum Internet connection speed of 2Mbps.