VUDU launches UltraViolet-based Share My Movies service
Michelle Clancy
| 16 May 2014
Walmart's VUDU over-the-top (OTT) video service has launched Share My Movies, a new service enabled by UltraViolet that lets users share their digital movie and TV show collections.

The service applies to all DVDs or Blu-ray movies available at Walmart stores that come with an UltraViolet digital copy. Users can share with up to five people via their e-mail addresses for free without sharing a password. Each invited person will receive an email with a link to create a VUDU account and connect to the sharer's UltraViolet library.

"One of the great reasons we own movies is because we can share them with others," said Amit Balan, senior director of VUDU for Walmart. "A movie collection can be a source of pride, and even a reflection of how we view the world. Many of us have been there: we're at home with friends, discover they've never experienced the outrageousness of Bridesmaids or that powerful running sequence from Forrest Gump, and feel inspired to walk over to our DVD or Blu-ray collection to lend them that movie. With Share My Movies by VUDU, we are removing the friction you face when you use other services or lend physical discs."

VUDU already provides free VUDU digital copies with most new movie releases sold at Walmart, and has the Disc-to-Digital service that allows users to convert the physical movies they already own into a digital copy.

"We know you've spent a significant amount of money and time building your collection and have plenty more films to add to it," said Balan. "Share My Movies by VUDU is another way we're helping you get the most out of your collection. With thousands of UltraViolet titles to choose from, VUDU enables you to watch your digital movies and TV shows across your favourite devices including your laptop, smartphone, iPad Air, Xbox One and PS4."