Harmonic launches DAA-based cable edge device for pay-TV
Michelle Clancy
| 19 May 2014
Harmonic has announced the NSG Exo, a cable edge device for pay-TV operators that enables the deployment of a distributed access architecture (DAA) utilising coax networks.

NSG Exo, a distributed CCAP system, allows service providers to move their RF delivery requirements out of the headend or hub and deeper into the network. In turn, the goal is one of simplifying network design and operation to resolve power and space constraints, provide service flexibility, and lower capital and operational expenses.

The system includes DOCSIS/ EuroDOCSIS/J-DOCSIS CMTS capabilities, with universal edgeQAM capabilities planned as an upcoming feature. By enabling the delivery of video, data and voice (triple-play) services over coax using a single device, operators can reach further into markets like multiple-dwelling-units (MDUs), hospitality and college campuses.

"NSG Exo is Harmonic's first commercially available CMTS and our first entry into the DAA market," said Nimrod Ben-Natan, senior vice president and general manager of the Cable Edge business unit at Harmonic. "NSG Exo complements our NSG Pro CCAP system by providing a superior level of flexibility, RF performance, and bandwidth savings for deep fibre deployments, positioning Harmonic as the industry's premier provider of a cable edge product portfolio that includes centralised and distributed access CCAP solutions. Harmonic's NSG, NSG Pro, and NSG Exo systems leverage the company's common CableOS operating system."

NSG Exo can be integrated into an operator's network leveraging standard DOCSIS back-office provisioning and DOCSIS cable modems.

The product will be available commercially in Q3 2014.