Sony announces US launch of 4K media player
Michelle Clancy
| 19 May 2014
Sony Electronics has announced US pricing and availability for its 4K UltraHD Media Player, which gives users the ability to download, stream and store films and TV shows from Sony's own Video Unlimited 4K service.

The product — which offers 1TB of built-in storage — is available for pre-sale and available for purchase starting in July. The 4K UltraHD Media Player will retail for $699; however, consumers who pre-order between May 15 and July 15 will save $200.

The Video Unlimited 4K library is actually a bit limited after all: for now it offers only about 200 titles, 50 or so of which are free. That's still one of the largest repositories of 4K options around however.

The line-up includes recent box office successes such as American Hustle and the Monuments Men, as well as future titles like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Annie. It also has episodes of the hit TV series the Blacklist in full 4K.

It also offers access to Netflix, which has shot several shows in native 4K, including House of Cards.