Civolution's SyncNow adds contextual multiscreen ads for World Cup
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 20 May 2014
Civolution's SyncNow automatic content recognition (ACR) and real-time ad platform has been extended to offer TV synced contextual multiscreen advertising during live matches during the 2014 FIFA World Cup starting 12 July in Brazil.

Advertisers can programmatically place digital advertisements simultaneously when key events are happening on TV.

At the start or end of a game, during half time or when a team scores a goal, the SyncNow platform will send a signal to programmatic bidding platforms to deliver targeted and contextually relevant ads on viewers' smartphones, laptops or tablets. These ads run instantly when the event happens on TV. Within seconds of the event, a digital ad appears on the target audience's laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

"At a time when advertising budgets are shifting from TV to digital, and real-time context is getting increasingly important to advertisers, SyncNow Ads offers a solution enabling TV and digital to leverage each other's natural strengths," said Alex Terpstra, CEO at Civolution. "At the same time, live event ad triggers offer a wealth of creative opportunity for advertisers to adjust their brand message to their targeted audience at the right moment in the right context."

Advertisers can then 'own' crucial moments during World Cup football matches, and engage in real-time with their target audiences via social media sites, mobile apps and websites.