TV Record claims viewing leadership for second year running
| 20 May 2014
Claiming to be the world's largest Portuguese speaking broadcaster, TV Record has released viewership data which it says makes it the most-watched general content TV station for the second consecutive year in Portugal. Broadcasting for over 60 years, TV Record offers Portuguese TV channels in more than 150 countries.

Indeed according to the data quoted from research firm GFK, for the last seven years TV Record has grown 511% in Portuguese territory.

On the back of this, the channel has now opened a new headquarters in Lisbon from where it will launch its HDTV signal in Portugal, with plans to phase it up to all Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. This move, says TV Record, also makes it the general content channel with the largest HD production and broadcasting facility in Portugal.

"Now we have one of the most modern and best equipped TV Station in Portugal,' commented CEO Marcelo Cardoso.