Divitel and TNO launch first scalable Interactive UHD video

May 20, 2014 10.51 Europe/London By by Robert Briel at ANGA COM 2014

Dutch based Divitel and TNO have created a strategic business partnership.

This is an innovative partnership whose first new Interactive UHD Video Technology – Tiled Streaming – is now on who at ANGA COM 2014 in Cologne.

Video signals with extremely high resolution, such as four times and eight times the HD resolution (4k and 8k) for example, are mostly interesting because of the increased flexibility for content production, better image recognition and the possibility of interaction with video.

TNO has developed new technologies for rendering, and interaction with, high-resolution video signals. This so-called ‘tiled streaming’ (the signal is split into ‘tiles’, as it were) makes it possible to convert video from one source, supplied in ultra-high resolution, to the right signal (adaption) for different sorts of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

The high quality of the video signal allows the end-user to zoom in on details while watching a video! The constantly increasing quality of video is leading to more and more opportunities for experiencing interactive television, and also to new forms of advertising. Divitel will help TNO with development, implementation and marketing.

Paul Valk, business development manager at TNO: “The strength of TNO lies in developing – in this case – innovative and compelling media technologies. Divitel is a perfect match in this respect because – thanks to its many years of specific knowledge – it can help to develop, implement and market these technologies.”

“Divitel’s contribution to the business partnership lies in its ability to accelerate the development of new, complex, compelling media technologies, to identify new earning models, to transform this knowledge into innovative solutions and to market them,” added Tuan Huynh, Chief Innovation Officer at Divitel.

“We also regard the partnership with TNO as another way of managing the increased complexity and constant exponential growth of new media technologies. So our partnership endorses the Divitel vision of sharing effort and new ideas but also of considerably reducing the costs and risks of R&D, and the time involved in marketing innovative solutions.”

The tiled streaming technology can be seen at the Divitel stand at ANGA COM 2014, Hall 10.2 / H 13.