Conax renews TiVo relationship

May 20, 2014 14.50 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Conax has said it is once more working with TiVo, this time bringing functionality from the platform’s middleware into low cost boxes.

Tom Jahr, EVP products and partners, told an ANGA COM press briefing that the now-Kudelski owned company was initially looking at incorporating TiVo’s search and recommendation functionality.

“Our current discussion is a demo and we’re looking to see of we can develop this further,” he said. “This would fuel entry level set top boxes. It also shows how the Cubiware low end middleware can have different interfaces sit on top of it.”

He added that there were also talks about using TiVo’s network PVR functionality.

The prospect of new work with TiVo comes four years after an announcement from Conax that it would be working with TiVo. On that occasion no client announcements followed.

Conax also gave details on a new portfolio of solutions that included Secure Clients for OTT operations, a Conax Hardened PlayReady client and a hosted online video platform.

A live TV app is in the pipeline, enabling operators to quickly launch OTT services on basic/free-to-air channels.