ANGA COM 2014: Aurora, Telefunken forge fibre partnership
| 20 May 2014
Pace subsidiary Aurora Networks has entered into a partnership with Telefunken Communications to launch fibre-based next-generation broadband services in Germany.

Under the terms of the deal, residential customers in select communities in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, can take advantage of new products based on Aurora’s Unified PON (Passive Optical Network) portfolio which can deliver internet speeds up to 150 Mbps. This makes the service ideal for applications such as HDTV and interactive on-demand services. The Unified PON Portfolio also includes 10G-EPON as a future capability.

"We focus on providing fiber-optic based high-speed broadband services in Germany in areas un- and underserved with other terrestrial networks like ADSL and coax-cable," commented Hardy Heine, member of the Telefunken management board and head of marketing and sales. "Our clear target is to become a leading player and preferred partner for communities in our market. Significant for our expansion strategy in Germany are partnerships with other competent key players In the industry, such as Aurora Networks, so that we can provide our customers with a range of cutting-edge services with the highest quality."