Roku declares 20 May as National Streaming Day
Michelle Clancy
| 21 May 2014
Roku and Saratoga Mayor Emily Lo have declared 20 May as National Streaming Day in the US.

Roku unveiled its first streaming player six years ago, the very first device to stream Netflix to the TV. Since then, according to Experian, almost half of all US adults and 67% of young adults now watch streamed or downloaded video at least once a week and more and more of that is via streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and a range of connected DVD players, gaming consoles and television sets. Eventually, Roku said, 100% of content will be streamed.

"We're so proud to be the platform that introduced streaming entertainment to the living room," said Roku founder and CEO Anthony Wood. "The innovations that grew out of that introduction have shaped where TV is today. Consumers now benefit from more entertainment choice than ever before while content creators of all sizes reap the benefits of being able to bring their entertainment to the TV using the open Internet. We've always believed that all TV will be streamed and today we are thousands of channels and billions of streaming hours closer to the goal."

Meanwhile, streaming has been a boon for niche content. "Streaming has enabled new channels TED, The Autism Channel, Kaplan Prep, DogTV Anywhere and others that would have never otherwise had a path to the TV," the company said. "While movies and TV shows are widely popular categories, consumers also enjoy music, sports, news and weather, fitness and outdoors, science and tech, food, kids and family, travel, foreign language and religion and spirituality options."

Streaming has also engendered original series created just for digital distribution, paving the way for a new model of production and distribution with full series releases. Also, favourite TV shows from the past including Veronica Mars, Arrested Development and 24 now get a second life in the new TV economy.