World Cup to drive pay-TV growth in Chile
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 21 May 2014
Chile will see a 10% increase in pay-TV subscriptions due to Brazil's World Cup broadcasts, according to the Latin America Multichannel Advertising Council (LAMAC), which predicts the largest growth of the region for the country.

"An increase of almost 10% is expected compared to last year, which can be explained mainly by the interest among viewers to have at their disposal all world championship matches live, in HD and through a multiplatform TV system, to watch all the matches on any electronic device, as well as the variety of promotions and packages related to this that are being offered in the marketplace, which will considerably increase subscribers to pay-TV," said Per Rodrigo Niño, country manager of LAMAC in Chile.

Nearly seven out of ten Chileans currently have access to pay-TV, according to Time Ibope figures, and according to LAMAC's predictions, 240,000 new subscriptions will be added during May and June.

LAMAC sees the World Cup as enticing most of the pay-TV newcomers, but there are also other reasons for such growth. According to the council, Chile's middle class is growing and its buying power is increasing, and the competitiveness among cable and satellite TV operators is generating better offers and lower prices. All this will lead to the general growth in pay-TV, projected to reach 72% at the beginning of 2015.

"Pay-TV continues to grow steadily in Chile, which has transformed it from a niche communication medium to a mass media, capable of reaching different segments of the Chilean population," added Niño.

The growth of pay-TV in Chile represents an important change in the local media landscape. Pay-TV has established itself as a mass media that Chileans value for its content and they spend considerable time watching it. All of these factors make pay-TV a vital element in media plans for ad campaigns and for any advertiser that is aiming to reach a target audience in an effective and efficient way.