Millennials lap up video for home networks
Joseph O'Halloran
| 22 May 2014
The millennial marketing demographic is becoming a key target for connected home video usage, says research from TDG.

According to the In-Home Video and PC Ecosystem report, almost three-quarter of millennials that use a home network describe their use as either equally or primarily media-oriented, a rate that decreases linearly with age. The analyst noted that this is coincidental with the fact that young adults consume greater amounts of online media in the home from sources like the Netflix over-the-top (OTT) service, certainly more so than their older counterparts.

While the percentage of media-oriented network users is relatively equal between the two millennial segments, differences do exist. For example, among late millennials (18-24s), 24% are media-centric network users, significantly higher than early millennials (25-34s) at 15%. However, hybrid use (that is, equal use of the network for media and data purposes) was selected by 58% of early millennials compared with only just under half (49%) of early millennials.

"Most interesting is how rapidly this media orientation drops off as the age of the home network user increases," commented Michael Greeson, TDG president and co-author of the report. "Beyond millennials, this emphasis shifts incrementally toward a more data-driven behaviour characterised by the use of net-connected, networked PCs for 'productivity' or non-media needs."