Satmex satellites named with Eutelsat brand

May 22, 2014 10.16 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Eutelsat - Communications System Control Centre (Rambouillet, France)Eutelsat Americas (formerly Satmex) is aligning the names of current and future satellites to reflect Eutelsat’s strategy of operating under a single brand.

From May 21, each satellite will follow the Eutelsat pattern of a number reflecting its orbital position and a letter indicating its order of arrival at that position. This logic will enable Eutelsat Americas’ community of users to identify where a satellite is located in geostationary orbit (a key metric in the satellite sector) and its chronology at the orbital position where it is located.

Satmex 5 becomes Eutelsat 115 West A
Satmex 6 becomes Eutelsat113 West A
Satmex 8 becomes Eutelsat117 West A
Satmex 7 (future satellite) becomes Eutelsat 115 West B
Satmex 9 (future satellite) becomes Eutelsat 117 West B

“With the renaming of our satellites we are now fully aligned with the Eutelsat brand and integrated into a global team with a one company operating philosophy,” said Patricio Northland, CEO of Eutelsat Americas, in a statement.

“The Eutelsat name stands for longstanding experience, innovation and technical excellence and we are