France Télévisons offers mobile TV, LViS app at Open Tennis

Joseph O'Halloran | 23 May 2014

One of the mainstays of the French broadcasting calendar, the Open Tennis at Roland Garros, is to receive deluxe service from France Télévisons.

In addition to licensing the LViS Sports Predictor app from Monterosa so that users can customise and create their own game, A Vous de Jouer (Your Turn To Play), the French state public broadcaster will take advantage of the 4G network that telco Orange will be providing at the venue via the Orange TV application for tablet viewing.

The A Vous de Jouer app is set for launch on 25 May alongside the main France Télévisions coverage of the Roland Garros French Open and is designed to engage audiences more deeply in real-time prediction gaming and opinion polling whilst enjoying the tennis coverage.

The app is designed not to distract from the key moments in the game so calls to action have been specifically timed to push out in the natural pauses. The social companion works tablets, iPhones and X Boxes as a companion to both TV coverage and the live online streaming that France Télévisions will offer. "We've worked with Monterosa to create a great way to engage tennis fans during the live event," explained Olivier Lendresse, Director of Sport at France Télévisions commenting on the deal. "Using the LViS Sports Predictor App has helped us deliver the product rapidly and at scale. Our social TV producers will be dedicated to driving content including predictions, trivia questions and other social media content for audiences and we're very excited to see the effect it will have with fans who watch the live stream and on TV."

From a mobile TV perspective, France Télévisions is teaming with the French Tennis Federation and Orange to inaugurate 4G multicast technology for broadcast at Roland Garros 2014. The 4G networks will optimise multimedia, high definition content broadcasts on mobile and throughout the tournament.