Tablets top Spain's VOD consumption
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 23 May 2014
58% of Spanish video-on-demand (VOD) consumers watch content on a tablet, according to a Rentrak report for Canal+'s Yomvi, which also found that 23% use a smart TV to view VOD content.

The report was presented by Pablo Romero, content director at Yomvi, who also reported that only 5% of Spanish people consume VOD through a smartphone, while 25% use a PC.

With regard to Yomvi, last month nearly 450,000 devices were registered as VOD consumers and almost four million videos were played on the Canal+ platform. The longest views were on TVs (51 minutes on average), while the shortest were on tablets and smartphones (22 minutes).

Yomvi, one of the most used platforms in Spain mainly due to Canal+'s large customer base, has experienced impressive growth over the last year. From 1.6 million plays in April 2013 to four million 12 months later, the trend can be attributed to the development of the VOD and over-the-top (OTT) sectors in Spain, as many other platforms have also enjoyed growth.

Rentrak is, for the moment, exclusively working for Yomvi in Spain, compiling figures for the multiscreen and connected TV sectors. "If there are figures, there is also visibility for what we are doing," explained Romero.