Spanish private TV nets reject earlier prime time
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 23 May 2014
UTECA has sent a letter to the Ministry of Health stating that the private free-to-air (FTA) networks in Spain don't want prime time to be changed to an earlier slot.

According to El Mundo, UTECA, the association of private networks, says the channels reflect viewers' habits and are not there to create new ones. "The citizens set the patterns and tendencies regarding schedules, it's not the other way around," explained the association.

Currently, most channels air their news programmes between 9pm and 10pm, broadcasting shows and series afterwards. Many of the programmes finish after 12pm, which, for Spain's Minister of Health, Ana Mato, is too late.

After a meeting with Alejandro Echevarrķa, the president of UTECA, to discuss the new proposal a few weeks ago, the private channels have been mulling over the idea.

The government's argument is that Spain's viewing times are always later than the rest of Europe and that they need bringing into line.