One America heads to AT&T U-verse to take on FOX News
Michelle Clancy
| 26 May 2014
FOX News is about to finally get some competition in the right-wing news space: AT&T is bringing Herring Networks’ conservative One America News Network to the U-verse channel lineup.

The network will be placed in the “news island” on the service, which will widen its audience to about 6 million additional subscribers.

"We're thrilled to give U-verse TV customers more choices by adding One America News Network to our channel lineup," said Ryan Smith, vice president of content acquisition of AT&T. "The network is devoted to providing an independent and dependable source for news reporting around the clock along with commentary, programming and documentaries."

Herring Networks also operates the cable network devoted to lifestyles and interests of the rich, A Wealth of Entertainment (formerly known as WealthTV), which AT&T U-Verse TV customers already have access to.

"We're extremely pleased for the support extended by AT&T U-verse in providing carriage to One America News Network,” said Robert Herring, CEO of One America News Network. “We're grateful for the broad distribution and the channel placement within the cable news neighborhood next to other leading cable news networks. U-verse TV customers will be able to easily find our news channel and we're confident that our programming lineup of national and international news, interactive talk shows, and current affairs programs will resonate well with U-verse TV customers."