SES, Meanswhat combine for cloud-based comms in rural Africa
Rebecca Hawkes
| 26 May 2014
SES Broadband Services is partnering with Meanswhat to provide satellite communications for multinationals and government agencies with production facilities or offices in remote areas of Africa.

Rural facilities will be able to connect with legacy ERP systems and on-the-cloud data centres by integrating satellite communication with virtualization techniques based on Citrix technology. Newtec IP satellite modems will be used to commercialise the system.

“With this partnership we expand our presence to address the convergent requirements of cloud computing, including virtualisation, grid computing and service-oriented architectures,” said Patrick Biewer, managing director, SES Broadband Services.

"This solution is perfect for enterprises which face a constant challenge to allow remote connectivity and business continuity between dispersed offices in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Axel Daiber, chief operations officer, Meanswhat added: “We are extremely pleased to be cooperating with SES Broadband Services to launch this innovative service which improves the performance of satellite WANs for latency critical applications in Sub-Saharan Africa.”