Zuma unveils new communications ministry for South Africa
Rebecca Hawkes
| 26 May 2014
A new communications ministry has been announced by South African president Jacob Zuma, who reconfigured his cabinet on Sunday (25 May).

“We have established a new communications ministry which will be responsible for overarching communication policy and strategy, information dissemination and publicity, as well as the branding of the country abroad,” said Zuma.

“This ministry will be formed out of the following components: the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Government Communication and Information Systems, Brand SA and the Media Development and Diversity Agency.”

In addition, a new ministry of telecommunications and postal services has been established to get more value out of the sector.

“Our country has a fast growing telecommunications sector which in 2012 was estimated at being worth ZAR180 billion [US$17.4 billion],” added Zuma.