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Thread: Best CacheEx set-up for oscam.

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    Best CacheEx set-up for oscam.

    Hi, I am a newbie to CacheEx, and really could use some advice regarding how to set-up cacheex on my dm500 clones using oscam. I have 4 sly cards. Should i link all together, or 2 times 2?? If so does anyone know of an easy to understand tutorial as I am completely lost?? Cheers.

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    Re: Best CacheEx set-up for oscam.

    together in one group

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    Re: Best CacheEx set-up for oscam.

    DM-500 for cacheex is not possible to work is not powerful enough. Cacheex settings are server the best is VPS or some other server type based into datacenter. The reason about this is because home broadband has limitations about connections count and limited upload speed.
    From client side you can use every STB connected in usual way c, n, camd35 etc. There is no point to send cache to stb this will not improve nothing only will slow down your home internet connection and STB itself.

    If you have local cards you can connect your cards to your server with camd 35 udp because is more anonymous.

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