Chile sanctions DTT law after years of bureaucracy
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 27 May 2014
Chile's DTT regulation has finally come into effect after five years of bureaucratic processing. The digital TV ruling will be immediately applied.

The Minister of Telecommunications, Andrés Gómez-Lobo, its Secretary, Pedro Huichalaf, and Ernesto Corona, president of Anatel, the country's TV regulator, were at the signature ceremony.

Through the new law, Chile will switch off its analogue signal and move over to digital TV under the Japanese-Brazilian standard, ISDB-T. The spectrum reorganisation will also allow the country to increase the free-to-air channels' schedule, improving the TV's picture, sound and interactivity.

According to Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, 40% of new DTT slots are already booked for regional and community media, while two state licences will only be given to cultural and educational channels.

Chile expects the DTT deployment to be completed in five years, after which the analogue TV signal will be switched off.

Bachelet said the TV's national council would have a stronger position in the future and will be in charge of driving the application of the DTT law