Cable TV pricing spikes 5% year-on-year
Michelle Clancy
| 27 May 2014
Retail prices for cable TV service grew by 5% in 2013, while the average price per channel grew by 2%, according to the US Federal Communications Commission.

The average price of expanded basic service grew at a compound annual rate of 6.1% over the 18-year period from 1995-2013, the FCC also notes.

That said, over an 18-year period, channels offered with expanded basic service grew annually at 5.9%. That's more than double the general price inflation for the period, which was 2.4% over the 18 years.

The average monthly price (excluding taxes and other charges) of expanded basic service for all communities surveyed increased by 5.1% over the 12 months ending 1 January 2013, to $64.41, compared to an annual increase of 1.6% in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).