Haivision unveils next-gen multisource media platform
Michelle Clancy
| 28 May 2014
Haivision has announced the latest version of Calypso, a multisource media recording and distribution platform designed to capture and share video content in real-time.

"Ideal for situational learning and assessment, consultative diagnosis, and skills improvement in medical, enterprise and educational environments, Haivision's Calypso is designed to easily record and review interactions between two or more people," the company explained. "More traditional video recording and sharing processes fall short in workflow efficiency, prohibit remote access control and increase budgetary costs related to personnel. Calypso provides a secure, unobtrusive, efficient and cost-effective way to capture, organise and share media."

Users can export videos directly to Haivision Video Cloud's Video Content Management System (VCMS), and manage, publish and distribute content to viewers online. New advanced search functionality enables users to customise metadata by creating categories and tags to ensure that video is easily and quickly discoverable. And with a command-line API, organisations can create custom recordings and streaming workflows through industry standard control systems such as Crestron, AMX or custom designed applications.

The new release also features video editing capabilities, where users can trim out important segments through mark in/mark out editing directly from the browser interface. Asset import/export functionality enables users to import video from third-party editors and export .mp4 or .ts files into third-party media workflows, while preserving metadata.