Can someone help me to .. change display driver of frimware of Kaon AT-9040cix [12.c1.A5] to have the display driver of 12.80.91 or 12.03.A5/12.01.A5 {vise versa}.
My kaon stb has conax CAS and is simillar to 12.80.91 ,12.03.A5&12.01A5 but these do not have conax CAS capability.
So, I need to interchange [extract orchange] the display drivers of the Kaon AT-9040cix [12.c1.A5] firmware with any of the 12.80.91 ; 12.03.A5 or 12.01.A5 firmware........
Can someone help..........?
You can use the Radiac Tool to extract, change and patch graphics blocks.
But need to extract, change and patch emulation and display drivers.
My stb's
Kaon KSF 200 CX (12.80.91). and Kaon KSF 200 MCo (12.80.01).