YuMe, JW Player team to integrate analytics into publishing platform
Michelle Clancy
| 29 May 2014
Digital advertising specialist YuMe has partnered with JW Player on a streamlined solution for publishers to gain analytics on its audience engagement and in theory, better monetise their digital video content.

YuMe's Audience-Aware SDK has become one of two proprietary SDKs that JW Player has automatically embedded into the JW6 Platform. The integration allows publishers to deploy in-stream audience surveys, gather validated insights on their audience makeup and gain access to YuMe's premium Audience Segments campaigns and interactive ad units through its Connected Audience Network and Video Reach.

"Our distinctive partnership with JW Player accelerates time to monetisation for publishers and allows them to reap the many benefits of our SDK, including brand safety controls and audience insights," said Bob Hall, vice president of platform and partnerships at YuMe. "In addition, the partnership gives publishers access to our curated ecosystem, which spans media and device types, and gives brand video advertisers the control, insights and safety they're looking for."