Vast majority of cord-cutters happy leaving pay-TV
Joseph O'Halloran
| 29 May 2014
Bad news for US pay-TV providers: research from nScreenMedia has revealed that 84% of broadband consumers who have cut the cord are at least somewhat happy with their decision.

The nScreen nSights: View My Video Consumer Digital Media Consumption survey also reveals that nearly two-fifths (37%) are so happy with their decision to rely solely on online video and over-the-top (OTT) services that they will never come back. Just 17% are unhappy with decision, and 9% wish they still had the service; 29% missed absolutely nothing about the pay-TV services they cancelled. Interestingly, given their perceived importance, just 9% said they missed sports services and 6% premium films. That said, just under a third (31%) said they missed shows they couldn't find anywhere else.

Attempting to define who exactly the cord-utters are, nScreenMedia found bulk of them come from people in the 18-49 age range. Millennials, those aged between 18-29, are heavily represented in the group that have never had pay-TV services. 19% report they do not have pay-TV, while just 5% of those in the 29-49 age range say this. In all, 17% of US broadband consumers say they had pay-TV and now no longer have it. 10% say they have never subscribed to pay-TV, and 74% say they currently have it.

Analysing the trends revealed, nScreenMedia said its findings were not good news for pay-TV service providers. It argued that if the companies are to reverse the downward trend in subscriptions they need to find a way to appeal to this growing group of defectors. "Clearly price is a strong factor in the decision of consumers to leave pay-TV," said principal analyst Colin Dixon. "So, part of any solution the industry tries to win back defectors must include lower priced options. However, are there other things the industry can do to appeal to cord-cutters?" Dixon noted that one of the things pay-TV has started to try is creative bundles of broadband and content to try and lure non-subscribers.