FreeWheel, team for programmatic advertising
Michelle Clancy
| 30 May 2014
FreeWheel and have announced plans for the integration of's programmatic reserved technology into FreeWheel's FourFronts marketplace, enabling advertisers to purchase premium digital television from publishers using proprietary data.

The planned integration will enable and FreeWheel clients to begin testing, through a pilot programme announced earlier this month, an audience reserved transaction model that enables buyers to use their own proprietary audience data to buy premium inventory on a reserved basis, in upfront-like aggregate deals from premium publishers. anticipates that Optimedia, MAGNA GLOBAL and Starcom MediaVest Group will participate in the pilot programme.

"In September 2013, AOL, with other leaders in digital advertising, committed to simplifying and streamlining the buying and selling processes of premium digital advertising, including placing AOL reserved display and mobile inventory into its programmatic offering," said Teg Grenager, chief product officer and co-founder of, a division of AOL Platforms. "The goal of this pilot programme is to extend that commitment by bringing all of the key stakeholders together to test, learn and move the industry forward toward the inevitable multi-channel, data-driven world of TV, as well as enhancing the business models underpinning it."

Programmatic buying of audiences in a reserved fashion has not been possible in video for two reasons: advertisers don't want to share the valuable consumer data, and publishers don't want to place their premium inventory into real-time bidding environments.

The audience reservation solution developed for the pilot programme looks to solve these issues by placing the data in a protected data escrow environment, and allows publishers to forecast and reserve against it.

"Audience fragmentation has necessitated a more data-driven approach to the buying process to capture greater value for our clients," said Karyn Johnson, SVP and digital director west at Optimedia. "This unprecedented collaboration with and FreeWheel is a logical next step for automation to begin streamlining, simplifying and unifying media buys in premium video across all channels."