TVS Classic TV Network to make IPTV launch
| 31 May 2014
TVS Global Media, once known as TVS Television Network, is to launch a 24/7 ad-supported streaming IPTV micro channel carrying classic TV programming from 1947-1990 in all genres.

Beginning on 2 June 2014, TVS Classic TV Network’s offerings will encompass sports, comedy, variety, news, kids, talk, drama and westerns among other genres that were transmitted by the former TVS Television Network.

Founded in 1960, TVS Television Network is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the US and owns a library of 10,000 TV shows that it produced, syndicated, or acquired since 1960. All shows will eventually be placed on TVS Classic TV Network. Best known for sports, the TVS Television Network also produced and/or distributed public affairs, entertainment, and music programming for three decades. In the 1990s TVS became the largest producer of budget home video programming and was a pioneer in the IPTV field.

TVS Classic TV Network is the first of eight IPTV live 24/7 ad-supported networks to be launched by TVS in the next 12 months and in addition to IPTV will also be distributed to a variety of broadcast TV stations and subcarriers. Viewers will be able to watch the ad-supported network for free, plus will be able to download shows. All TVS shows will also be available on custom DVDs